Term Dates 2021/22

Our school year is divided into three terms: Christmas, Lent and Whitsun. All together there are 175 school days with up to 3 days for in-service staff training. There are three half-term holidays: one week in October, one week in February and two weeks in May/June. There are three term holidays: approximately three weeks at Christmas, three weeks at Easter and seven weeks in the summer.

Additional holiday requests - Please note that Loyola Preparatory School has a generous holiday allocation and additional days requested for holidays during term time will not normally be authorised.


Boys start
Boys finish
Teacher training days &
public holiday

Christmas 1st Half Term

Tue 7th Sept 2021

Fri 22nd Oct 2021

Mon 6th Sep (Inset)

Christmas 2nd Half Term

Mon 1st Nov 2021

Wed 15th Dec 2021 (day ends at 12 noon)


Lent 1st Half Term

Thur 6th Jan 2022

Fri 11th Feb 2022

Tue 4th Jan (Inset)

Wed 5th Jan (Inset)

Lent 2nd Half Term

Mon 21st Feb 2022

Wed 30th Mar 2022


Whitsun 1st Half Term

Wed 20th Apr 2022

Fri 20th May 2022

 Mon 2nd May (B/H)

Whitsun 2nd Half Term

Mon 6th Jun 2022

(Fri 10th Jun is a 1/2 day)

Tue 12th Jul 2022



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