Our Staff

"Pupils' high levels of attainment are reached largely as a result of excellent teaching.  Similarly the rapid rate of progress made by all pupils is again as a consequence of the highly effective teaching they receive". Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection Report 2013 

We are proud of our high teacher to pupil ratio facilitated by experienced and devoted teachers and a generous quota of teaching assistants. Boys also benefit from a range of specialists who work with the school providing additional teaching in areas such as Music, ICT, Religious Education, PE and German.

The Headmistress teaches in all year groups which enables her to know each pupil and follow their progress throughout the school.

Below you will find our class names with the commonly known equivalent.

Early Years Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Lower Kindergarten (Nursery) Pre Prep 1 (Y1) Prep (Y3)
Upper Kindergarten (Nursery) Pre Prep 2 (Y2) Elements (Y4)
Reception (Reception)   Figures (Y5)
    Rudiments (Y6)


Name & responsibilities

Mrs K Anthony

Mrs K Anthony

BA (Hons)


Mrs C Brown
Deputy Head

Rudiments Class Teacher

Upper KS2 Phase Leader

Science & Maths Co-ordinator

Cert Ed


Mr P Hatzar
Figures Class Teacher

Computing Co-ordinator

BA (Hons)


Miss P Daly

Support Teacher

(Rudiments & Prep)

Cert Ed

Mrs S Boulton

Rudiments Teacher 

English Co-ordinator


BA Hons

Mrs A Regueiro
Elements Class Teacher

ADT Co-ordinator



Mr Bleasdale

Mr N Bleasdale

Elements Teacher

Lower KS2 Phase Leader

Physical Education Co-ordinator

Humanities Co-ordinator


BA (Hons)


Miss T Savage

Miss T Savage
Prep Class Teacher

BA (Hons)


Mrs E Tidmarsh

Mrs E Tidmarsh
Figures Teacher

R.E. (Curricular and Liturgy) Co-ordinator

BEd (Hons)

Miss R Roddy
Pre Prep 2 Class Teacher

BA (Hons)

Mrs C Payne
SEND Co-ordinator

Pre Prep 1 Teacher

KS1 Phase Leader


Higher Diploma in Education, QTS, OCR L5 Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties

Mrs V Foster
Pre Prep 1 Teacher

PSHE/Pupil Voice Co-ordinator



BA Hons in Primary Education and Art

Mrs M Noble

Pre Prep 1 Class Teacher

BSC Hons


Ms S Joyce
Reception Class Teacher

Early Years Phase Leader




Mrs B McHardy
Lower Kindergarten Class Teacher

EYFS SEN liaison


EYFS Level 3

Mr O Morah

Mr O Morah
PE and Games coach

UEFA Levels A & B

Mrs C Thomas
Music Co-ordinator

Choir and Schola



Mrs U Wilson
Modern Foreign Languages Teacher



Mrs S Butler
Rudiments Teaching Assistant

ADT Room Technician


Mrs A Daniels
Figures Teaching Assistant

TA Level 3

Mrs S Gibbons

Mrs S Gibbons
Elements Teaching Assistant

TA Level 3

Mrs J Coupland
Prep Teaching Assistant

TA Level 2


Miss K Baker

Miss K Baker
Pre Prep 2 Teaching Assistant
First Aid Co-ordinator

NNEB in Nursery Nursing

EYFS Level 3

Mrs D Ali


Mrs D Ali

KS2 Teaching Assistant

SEN Assistant



 TA Level 3

Miss L Underhill

Mrs L Underhill
EYFS Teaching Assistant

 TA Level 3

Miss K Czerwinke

Miss K Czerwinke
Reception Teaching Assistant


Mrs J Wallis
Teaching Assistant

EDI Level 2

Ms M McDevitt
Pre Prep 1 Teaching Assistant

Music & Movement Leader

EDI Level 3

Early Years & Childcare

Mrs D Symonds

Mrs D Monkton

Upper Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

TA Level 3  


Mrs O Mavideniz
Lower Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

TA Level 3

Mrs C Kelly
Breakfast & After School Club




EYFS Level 3

Miss J Stratton
Lower Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Early Years Computing

NNEB in Nursery Nursing

EYFS Level 4

Mrs W Ahmed
Reception Teaching Assistant

NNEB in Nursery Nursing

Level 3 in Childcare & Education

Mr G Scannell
Sports Assistant


Mrs K Bird
Peripatetic French Teacher


Miss D Harrington
Peripatetic Piano & Woodwind Teacher


Mr V Wood
Peripatetic Guitar Teacher


Miss A Jung
Peripatetic Strings Teacher

BA (Hons) Music in Performance

Masters of Music in Performance

Miss L Thomas

Mrs L Gallagher

Peripatetic Singing Teacher


Mrs M Rosario



Mrs J Long
School Secretary and Admissions


Mrs L Lawless

Mrs L Lawless
Finance Assistant


Mr G Tong
ICT Technician


Mr G Burwood
School Premises Manager


Mr D Sparks

Mr D Sparks
Assistant Premises & Cleaning Supervisor


Mr M Palmer

Mr M Palmer
Catering Manager


Mrs P Bodur


Ms J Gillender
Kitchen Assistant


Mrs P Kemp
Kitchen Assistant

BSc Hons

Cert. Humanities

Mrs Z Yelcin

Kitchen Assistant & Cleaning Assistant


Mrs K Higgs-Smith

Senior Midday Assistant


Mrs B Lindon
Midday Assistant


Mrs I Bacani
Midday Assistant


Mrs J Patterson
Midday Assistant


Mrs A Ferguson
Midday Assistant


Miss S Sparks
Midday Assistant/Cleaning Assistant


Mrs J Sparks
Cleaning Assistant


Mrs A Bailey
Cleaning Assistant


Ms L Culling

Cleaning Assistant


Mr M Lieker

Cleaning Assistant