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Open Morning

Tuesday 25th September 2018 9.30am (prompt) – 11.30am

Come and spend a morning at our school.  Meet our Headmistress, staff, and pupils and have a guided tour of the school in action.

103 Palmerston Road,

Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5NH

Tel: 020 8504 7372 


July 11th 2018  Full text of Arthur Johnson's Head Boys' inspirational speech on July 10th:

Good Evening Mr McGee, Governors, Mr Nicholson, Staff, Ladies, Gentleman, and Boys. 

I have listened to and admired previous Head Boy speeches and they have all been outstanding and memorable.  I can only hope that my speech this evening will deliver especially as this speech will be the last Head Boy speech that Mr Nicholson will hear. I know I have a lot to live up to.  So, here it goes.

On the morning of Wednesday January 3rd 2010, Mrs McHardy stole me from my Mum.   I had just turned three and had never been apart from my Mum, never! Yet I thoroughly enjoyed my first morning at Loyola, it was over in a flash, I met new friends and played with new toys, Mrs McHardy and Mrs Kelly were great and Loyola seemed ok.

The following 2 days the snow set in and the school was closed so I returned on Monday ready for a full week ahead – and that’s when the tears set in, I just don’t think that I had realised that this was it, this was my life for the next 7 years, but once those tears dried up my life started.  My life as a Loyola boy and boy, what a life it has been.

We all have a hero, be it your Father, Grandad, a footballer or a celebrity.  So when in Reception 1 aged 5, Mrs Quirk gave us the task of writing about who our hero was and why? It didn’t take me long at all to know who I was going to choose. 

It was an easy choice, a no-brainer.  This was a man I saw every day, a man I looked up to, a man I wanted to be.

So that evening when my parents asked me the usual “What did you do today?” I was eager to tell them about the hero essay.  My Dad was smiling with anticipation, his chest puffed out – getting ready for a cuddle.  When I announced, “Of course, I chose Gary the caretaker!  He’s amazing, he’s always there to lend a helping hand and he’s always cheerful (even when West Ham lose). He’s my hero.  Well the essays were displayed outside the hall and Gary was most proud!

Mrs Foster and Miss Stratton were the ones that gave me my Owen house badge, now I wasn’t sure I suited a red polo shirt, but they swayed me into thinking Owen was the house. 

Well, let me tell you, we may do well in House points but sport….. That’s a totally different matter.  At the recent inter house football tournament we lost every match as we struggled to field a team and had to take a Prep boy Ruhan, for our goalie. Now poor Ruhan didn’t even know that he was playing until 5 minutes before and suddenly he was thrown into the thick of a competitive inter house football match with a ball flying towards him from our best defender Regan Creasey. 

Our only goal was our goal against Campion when the legendary keeper Rishen slipped over in the area and our class attacker Gabriel pelted the ball into the back of the net.  We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and neither did the crowd supporting us, but that’s what makes a house, staying strong even through the tough times and let me remind you that at the last sports day we were top of the leader board be it only for five minutes, but for those five minutes it felt good! Didn’t it Miss Stratton!!

We moved up stairs to Mrs Payne who introduced us the proper world of real school.  We learnt new subjects, with new teachers and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in her class.

Ms Savage will be remembered not only for her teaching but for her stories, I can’t give too much away as you boys are in for a real treat, those stories become life lessons and I know that they will stay with me forever.

Mr Bleasdale was my first male teacher, he taught us Geography and Maths and along with Mrs Reguerio who took us for swimming and tennis and most importantly introduced me to the challenging world of chess.  It was good to have a male on board and Mr Bleasdale I thank you for giving us the opportunity to play rugby and cricket and most importantly believing in us when at training things haven’t looked that great.

And of course our memorable ski trip, not only did we go with a great group of parents and boys it was pretty impressive to have skied with someone who skied with Eddy the Eagle!

Then came Mr Hatzar, the coolest teacher in town, on top of his technology and cool motorbike he was a great maths and IT teacher.  I will always be indebted to him for giving me a great start in IT.  Mrs Boulton introduced us to a different style of English.  She really challenged and stretched us out of our comfort zone.  She showed us what to expect in our future years of English and prepared us extremely well.

There are two ladies here this evening who retired from Loyola and this evening I had no doubt that they wouldn’t miss this evening to  be here to support the Rudiments boys, so Mrs Golaszewski and Mrs Garnar thank you for everything. You played a huge part in making me who I am today. 

In fact I would like to thank all the teachers,  teacher assistants, Gerry and Ollie you have been patient, hard yet always given the right balance of fun and work I hope that you are proud of me today and of course all the Rudiments boys achievements. Along with thanking the many people behind the scenes, the ladies in the office, the lunch ladies and our kitchen staff.

During my time at Loyola I have been on wonderful school trips, from Willows Farm to Hampton Court, schola opportunities from singing for the Cardinal, the Bishop, in Rome and singing to thousands of people at Lourdes all tirelessly organised by Mrs Thomas, I shall miss the quality of teaching and singing and following Sir’s mass at Brentwood last Friday I have decided to pursue with my singing at my next school, along with my piano – all thanks to Miss Harrington.

Kingswood was a memorable trip, for some it was the longest time away from their parents.  We were able to tell each other spooky stories at night, play cards on each other’s beds and experience actives that we may never take part in again; the leap of faith and caving to name but a few. 

And then we had Normandy, WOW what a trip.   Each day was action packed and meticulously planned.   We travelled in time from 1066-1944 all in five days.  We watched the footie on a massive screen in a Chateau’s ballroom, dined on three course meals each evening and most importantly had great fun making memories and without Mrs Brown and Mrs Butler there would be no memories as they really are the icing on the cake. 

They truly are an amazing team.  Not only preparing us for our exams but for having fun with us.  Mrs Brown teaching us scholarship maths one minute and the next minute bouncing along with Thierno on a double space hopper in Normandy.  She works non-stop to give Rudiments a memorable year organising sailing, badminton and activity week.  Rudiments really is something to look forward to and without her sidekick Mrs Butler it wouldn’t be the same. I thank them both for making our Rudiments year unforgettable.

It truly is an honour to say you are a Rudiments boy, to have finally made it to Rudiments alive!  You are top of the school and hopefully admired by all.  But becoming a Rudiments boy requires responsibility and maturity.   We had a lot to cover in just one year, it’s like having your end of year exams x 10. Don’t get me wrong you want to do well and there will be times when you think you can’t do it.  You are in tears, your parents are shouting at you (which by the way happened to me – a lot!) and you begin to doubt yourself. But my boys have all ended up at the schools they wanted, I believe we all worked together and supported each other through the hard times and that’s just not in Rudiments, we have been there for each other since we started.

Upon returning from our wonderful Normandy trip and I knew that we all had really bonded and we realised that that was one of our last times together and I thank each of them for being a great friend, for the wonderful memories we have shared, the playground arguments about “Who kicked the football over and who was going to get it to name but a few and to my Deputy Raymond, not only has he been a real help to me, he is also a friend. 

In Rudiments the real hard work is only for a short time.  In the end you get there and one thing I remember was my Grandma saying to me is “If you really want it, then show you really want it.  Work as hard as you can” You can’t say I wish I’d tried harder as the moment will have past.  So boys remember work as hard as you can and the results will follow. 

And now to my parents I would like to say a huge thank you they have always been there for me.  They’ve never missed any of my sporting events, concerts and have always given up everything for me.  I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me with lots of decisions, giving me self-belief, and making me who I am today.

I was always taught be kind, have good manners and respect everyone but most importantly be myself and I hope I have lived up to this. 

Even through my time in Rudiments whilst preparing me and during my exams we always had fun and although I didn’t stop working, my parents gave me the right balance of work and fun. Without them supporting me during my Loyola life I would not be standing here right now. Parents do a lot for us boys and I do not think we know how much appreciation they deserve. Mummy and Daddy for everything, I love you very much.

And finally, just like Sir I have been counting down my last times too.  Today was the last time I rung the bell, had Mark’s wonderful lunch and wore my Head Boy badge with pride and tomorrow will be the last time that I rush out the door at 10 to 8 and quarrel with my sister about who gets the front seat in the car, the last time my mum will have road wars with other drivers as she rushes to get me to school in time for bell and the last time we will sing together at the top of our voices to our favourite songs on our journey to school.

Tomorrow will be the last time I am greeted by Gary at the door, walk through the playground and see the little ones and tomorrow will be the last time I will sing the Psalm that always makes my parents cry, the last time that Eagles Wings will be sung by our class (or sung as much as we can through our tears), the last time I will hear Father Rob (my favourite priest) say mass and tomorrow will be the last time I will see many of you as in September I am off to Forest School and although apprehensive, I know I am ready and ready to start my journey of first times and I wish Mrs Anthony the best of luck as she begins her exciting new role in September.

Guests, Ladies and Gentleman, there is one person I have forgotten to mention so, I would like to leave you with the thoughts of what makes a Headmaster and hopefully this poem will give you the answer.  Sir this is for you-;

Outstanding, amazing a leader to all.

Committed, compassionate and there when we call.

Your door always open for boys with emotion.

Rational and considerate, fair yet firm, your guidance, your wisdom of that I confirm.

Engaging, compelling, devoted and fun.

You’ve changed so many boys’ lives and helped their outcome.

You will always be a legend with Prisoner of War

You are Loyola, you are the core.

You changed History forever when from St Edmunds you came

Loyola School - you will need to up your game!

30 years’ service is no mean feat

Your name will go down in history like Godwinson’s defeat.

The music concerts have been phenomenal all thanks to your dear wife.

And now it’s time for you Sir to enjoy family life.

A Grandfather to Theo, a father of three.

You’ve certainly acted liked a father to me.

So goodnight and God bless

For I must not digress.

My speech has been long and I’ve found it hard to stay strong.

As tomorrow I’ll cry as I know it really is goodbye.

Mr Nicholson you are my hero – I cannot deny.

So Sir, I present to you – your leavers tie!

July 11th 2018  Roll of honour of school soccer season as reported at Academy:

 At Under 11 we are the current

 Chigwell School Festival Champions

 Forest School Champions

 Chigwell Regional Tournament Plate Winners

 English School F.A. Essex Cup Winners

 Woodford Green Prep School Champions

 English Schools South East Champions

 English Schools FA Danone Nations Cup Runners Up (after a penalty shoot out)

 At Under10 we are:

 St Edmund’s Prep School Champions

St Aubyn’s Tournment Champions (with no goals conceded)

Brentwood School Champions

At Under 9 we are:

 Forest  Tournament Champions

 July 11th 2018  Skit on staff names read out last night at Academy by Mr Nicholson:

Loyola is well known from BOULTON in Lancashire to Actium where Mark ANTHONY fought his last battle.  And as far away as OZ the home of the legendary KELLY gang.  As you look over its sun blanched BROWN  fields you see children, some of whom are QUIRKY, many of whom are NOBLE, several are HARDY with RODDY complexions and occasionally  at rugby a few can appear SAVAGE with no fear of PAYNE.  There is a persuasive feeling of Bon AMY with a conviction that does not allow any doubting THOMAS’S. When you see the boys NEIL-ing in DALY prayer or taking responsibility such as WIL’S SON looking after the sunhats like some kind of HAT – CZAR you realise how committed they are.  Occasionally some come to us from Mr TIDMARSH’s former school at St John’s.  Many boys visit the BAKERS after a hard day’s work thanking the EVANS above for their blessings.  Wealthy boys go home to their DEBBIE_U_TANT sisters to be served by their BUTLERS in front of BIRDS including JENNIES wrens in gilded cages and even in some gardens with a small zoo containing GIBBONS which are kept UNDER HILLS to protect them from the rain.  Some children can be tempted to be LAWLESS, some are good working LONG hours, some spend their time watching MARIA in The Sound of Music while others think about American money creatively and wonder if a Dime can be called a NICKEL’S SON.   Meanwhile in Russia as Croatia race to protect their goal, English fans sing that SWEET MAN GERRY Marsden’s song “When you walk through the Storm” and chant “OLI,OLI,OLI score MORAH goals, and England do through Deli ALI.

March 7th 2018  Jensen achieved places at five grammar schools altogether.

March 2nd 2018 Further commendations to Michael Dong and Tenny Marianayagam for offers to Ilford County High and to Aaron Huang for gaining a place at the Royal Grammar School Colchester. 

March 1st 2018 In our first notifications of secondary state school results, well done to Jensen Puvaneswaran who has achieved Grammar School status at St Olaves and to Thierno Diallo who has emulated his brother Lamine in passing the Redbridge exam for entry to Ilford County High School.

March 1st 2018  Congratulations to Tom Whitby and his brother Oliver who have achieved success at Windlesham House School in West Sussex, a well known boarding school.

February 26th 2018 Recent rugby results:

 U9s A team v St Aubyns drew 7-7

U9s B team v St Aubyns drew 7-7 as well

U10s v St Aubyns won 11-10!

U11s  v St Aubyns lost 2-4
U9s A team v Brentwood won 9-6
U9s B team v Brentwood narrowly lost 8-9
U 11 team v St Edmund's drew 2-2
U 10 team v St Edmund's drew 7-7


February 18th 2018 11+ results notified so far (school listing):

Bancroft's - Six places, two waiting lists

Bishop's Stortford College - one music scholarship

Chigwell - Three academic scholarships, Two places, three reserves

City of London - One academic scholarship, one place, two waiting lists

Forest - Three academic scholarships, seven places, one waiting list

Haileybury College - Two academic scholarships; one place

New Hall - Three academic scholarships, four places

St Edmund's College- Ten places, two waiting lists

Windlesham House - One place


Bancroft's - one place

Chigwell - one place, two waiting lists

Felsted - one place

Forest - one place

Brentwood - two places


January 20th 2018 Recent rugby and swimming results:

U11s Rugby v Brentwood - a very understrength side lost (we think!) 12 tries -0
U8s Rugby v St Eds - lost an entertaining game after a slow start only 13-12 tries

U9s Rugby v St Eds - lost a very tight game only narrowly by 3-2 tries

U11 Forest Swimming Gala - 

25m breaststroke : Charlie Gell 1st in heat

25m backstroke: Arthur Johnson 2nd in heat (to Sam Boulton of Daiglen!)

25m frontcrawl: Bobby Pope 2nd in heat

50m frontcrawl: Zach Garfield 1st in heat (despite only in year4)

Individual 400m medley: Zach Garfield 1st in heat

Our 4 x100m freestyle and 4 x 100m medley relay team also came 2nd in heat in both races.

December 8th 2017 First draft of Lent Term 2018 calendar:

December 8th 2017  Chair of Governors Mrs Fox received a letter formally to congratulate Loyola for again being listed as one of the top 100 schools in the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2018.

December 7th 2017  Football teams score 42 goals in a week:

Under 11s: Loyola A 7 Chigwell A 0; Loyola B 20 Chigwell B 0 (Regan 3, Gabriel 2, Josh 5, Christian 5, Arthur 6, Alfie 3, Aaron 1, Lucas 1)

Under 10s (playing Under 11 opposition); Loyola A 1 Forest A 1; Loyola B 1 Chigwell A 3; Loyola B 2 Forest B 1; Loyola B 0 Forest A 3; Loyola A 2 Chigwell A 1 ( Artie 2, Josh 3, Frederick 1)

Under 9s Loyola A 7 St Aubyn's A 0; Loyola B 2 St Aubyn's B 0 ((Arty 2, Zareb 3, James 2, Bieant 1, Chase 1)

November 29th 2017 Programme and service sheet for Concert and Carol Service on December 5th:

Loyola Preparatory School – Concert of Christmas Music

1.      Choir (Head choristers: Tami Unuefa, Aaron Huang)


2.     String Ensemble (led by Thierno Diallo)


3.     Choir

Carol Service

1.       Opening Prayer (Mrs. Tidmarsh)

2.       Lighting of Advent Wreath by Raymond Ezihe

3.       CAROL: Light the Advent Wreath 366

4.       CAROL: (577) Once In Royal David’s City(Verse 1: Solo – Tami Unuefa and Aaron Huang)             

5.       First reading – The Annunciation (Arthur Johnson)

6.       CHOIR: Ave Maria Most Favoured One

7.        Second Reading: The Birth of Jesus (Thomas Conlon Murphy)

8.       CAROL: Stille Nacht / Silent Night 643 (Verse 1 sung in German by Choir)

9.       Third Reading: The Shepherds (Josh Mackaill)

10.     CHOIR: Do You Hear What I hear?

11.     Fourth reading: The Magi (Jamie Evans)        

12.     CAROL: The First Noel 692

13.     The birthday of Jesus (Mr Nicholson)

14.     CAROL: I saw a star 282

15.     CAROL: (643) Adeste Fidelis/O Come All You faithful (Verse 1 sung in Latin by Choir; verses 2 and 3 in English by all)

November 24th 2017 Extracts from letters received today:

1. From Mr. Andrew Wright, master of Music at Brentwood Cathedral -

"I am writing to you to thank you enormously for kindly allowing the choristers from Loyola Preparatory School to sing for the  Mass at St Edmunds, Ware.  They were absolutely superb and please can you thank them from us all here.  It was a wonderful conclusion to the Centenary and a very special venue.  The music went beautifully ....  You must have been very proud of their singing.  We received a very large number of appreciative comments from both the clergy and Cathedral House staff who were there."

2. From Fr Stephen Myers, Episcopal Vicar for Eduction, the Diocese of Brentwood -

"I feel that I should write to you regarding the involvement of the pupils and staff of your school at the recent celebration to mark the end of the Brentwood Diocese Centenary.   Not wishing to overstate the superlatives I must state that I found the singing of the pupils wonderful, their behaviour impeccable and their engagement in the Mass exemplary ... I feel that they are a credit to the school, their families and themselves."

November 24th 2017 Recent sports results:

Under 11 soccer:  Loyola A 13 Forest 2; (Gabriel Mehlman 4, Lucas Le Voir 4, Regan Creasy 3) Loyola B: 9 Forest B 1

Under 10 soccer (St Aubyn's Tournament 10th November): Loyola 4 St Aubyns's B 0; Loyola 2 Woodford Green Prep 0; Loyola 2 Bancroft's 0; Loyola 4 Avon House 0; Semi Final: Loyola 1 Bancroft's 0; Fina:l Loyola 2 St Aubyn's A:0  Loyola Champions.  (Lucas Le Voir scored 11 goals; Massimo Giordano in goal did not concede a single goal)

21st November: Loyola A 5 Woodford Green Prep 0 (Alfie Brennan 3) Loyola B 11 WGPS 2 (Josh Mackaill; 3; Frederick Robinson 4)

Under 9 soccer: 15th November: Loyola A 4 Ursuline Prep School Ilford 0; Loyola B 3 UPSI 4; Loyola C 0 UPSI 4.

Under 11 rugby: 22nd November: Loyola 30 Widford Lodge 36 (5 tries to 6). Loyola fought back from being one try to five down in a dramatic and entertaining match Gabriel Mehlman (2), Arthur Johnson and Tami Unuefa (2) all scored tries.

Under 9 rugby: 17th November: Loyola A 9 tries (45 points) New Hall; 1 try (5 points) (Ciaran Brett 5);  Loyola B 9 New Hall 4 (45-20 points)

November 3rd 2017  Recent sports results :

Under 11 soccer: Essex Small Schools tournament (19th October): Loyola 0 Great Waltham 0; Loyola 3 West Horden 0; Loyola 6 White Notley 0; Loyola 4 Great Easton 0; Loyola 2 Little Hallingbury 1; Final: Loyola 1 Great Waltham 0 Loyola champions

(13th October): Loyola B 10 St Aubyn's 1;

Under 10s soccer: St Edmund's Tournament (7th October) : Loyola 1 St Edmund's A 0; Loyola 0 Duncombe 0; Loyola 2 Avon House 0; Loyola 0 St Josephs in the Park 1; Loyola 2 St Aubyn's 1 (after penalties) ; Loyola 3 St Joseph's 1 (after penalties) Loyola champions  3rd October: Loyola A 4 St Aubyn's 0; Loyola B 2 St Aubyn's 0.

Under 11 rugby New Hall Tournament (8th October): Loyola 0 Bedford 2; Loyola 0 Felsted 5; Loyola 0 St faith's A 3; Loyola 1 Bishop Stortsford College 6; Loyola ) Belmont 5; Loyiola 1 New Hall 1; Loyola 1 St Paul's 1.  20th October: Loyola A 4 New Hall 0; Loyola B 1 New Hall 3.

Under 10 rugby (10th October) Loyola 4 Bancroft's 6

Under 9 soccer  (12th October) Loyola A 1 St Edmund's 3; Loyola B 4 St Edmund's 2

September 18th 2017 The Under 11s, starting the season as current National Small Schools Champions, began with significant success at the Chigwell Tournament - they played six, won five, drew one, lost none, scored twelve and conceded nil.