Pastoral Care

"Pupils develop high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem as a result of the positive and affirming relationships that exist between them and their class teachers." Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection Report 2019 

The pastoral welfare of pupils is a fundamental aspect of the school’s mission. Each class has a form teacher who is responsible for pupils' day-to-day welfare. In addition, there is a designated member of staff who is responsible for the pastoral welfare of the boys.

Two Rudiments (Year 6) boys are allocated to each of the younger classes up to Elements (Year 5) so that pupils with particular concerns can approach them. In addition there are Rudiments' mentors who report directly to the teacher responsible for pastoral care.

The school employs midday assistants to support the boys at play time, and a large number of teaching assistants who provide additional support in classrooms. Two members of staff have responsibility for SEN – in Early Years and the main school respectively – and ample opportunities are provided for small group or individual support as required.