Our Governors and Trustees

"The proprietor ensures that the leadership and management demonstrate good skills and knowledge, and fulfil their responsibilities effectively, so that the other standards are consistently met and they actively promote the well-being of the pupils.''  Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection Report 2019

Our school is run by a Trust whose trustees ensure the integrity of the Trust and overview the Catholic ethos of the school. The trustees appoint the Board of Governors and trustees themselves are appointed by the Bishop of Brentwood.

We have a governing body of up to nine members with a wide range of expertise to support the school and ensure that it maintains and develops high standards. Governors are appointed for a four-year term (and may submit for re-appointment at the end of each four years). They meet with the Headmistress as a full governing body five times a year and may also meet at additional times to work on additional projects.

Our Trustees are:

Mr M Blundell (Chair of Trustees), Mr D Savage, Mrs T Alder, Mr D Maxim, Father J Harvey, Mrs A D'Cruz & Father R Page. 

Current Governors

Mrs AM Fox (Chair of Governors)

Mrs Fox has been our Chair of Governors since 2004, with a responsibility for Safeguarding, pastoral care & RE. A former teacher, Mrs Fox is owner and managing director of a publishing services company. Her son is an alumnus of Loyola Preparatory School. Mrs Fox can be contacted via the school office.

Mr C Morgan (Deputy Chair of Governors)

Mr Morgan joined the Board of Governors in 2016 and with two sons attending Loyola (one former, one current) .  With a millitary background, Mr Morgan currently works in the City offering consultancy on systems.  He is our link Governor for English & Maths.

Dr S Ruiz

Dr Ruiz became a Governor at Loyola in 2005. She has two sons, both of whom have attended the school. She has a scientific background, provides regulatory training for clinical researchers within the NHS and University sector and is involved in Scouting as an Assistant Cub Leader. She is our Governor responsible for Science, SEND, EAL & MAG&T.

Mr M Sheehy

Mr Sheehy is the parent of a past pupil of Loyola and became a Governor in 2008. He works for a project and venture finance company and has a long history of working in financial markets for a number of investment banks. He is our link Governor for Premises, IT and Marketing.

Mr J Johnson

Mr Johnson is parent to a former pupil and joined the Board of Governors in 2013. His background is in Financial Futures Trading and has worked in the City for over twenty years. He is the link Governor responsible for PE, Games & Catering.

Mr J Huang

Mr Huang joined the Board of Governors in 2015, having his two sons formerly attended Loyola. He has worked in the NHS for over 25 years, and is a consultant surgeon, specialising in gastrointestinal surgery. He is the link Governor for Humanities (History/Geography/RE/Languages) and Early Years.

Mr A Aggarwal

Mr Aggarwal joined the Board of Governors in 2022 and has three sons currently at Loyola. Mr Aggarwal is a chartered accountant and coaches his local youth football team.  He is the link Governor for Finance and Arts.